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    Default "spin off" did you walk to school as a child

    Lol yep the school was the next block from home. (small block)

    High school was the same.

    Other high school was 1km to and from which I walked with the next door neighbour (same age)

    Other high school I caught the bus with my brother 30mins away. We lived in the city the school was on the outskirts

    My kids will walk to school, we live 2 blocks away in a small town.

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    Default "spin off" did you walk to school as a child

    I used to walk to and from school from about 11 years of age. I would then let myself in and do homework, fold the washing and make myself a snack. Would be about 2 hours until my parents got home.

    When I was 16 my parents separated. From then on I would still walk home every night, but I would then light the fire in winter and also cook dinner as well. My mum, who was a single parent by now, would not get home until 630 with my little brother who went to OSHC.

    I never minded much and I think it helped teach me that a successful family unit relies on all it's members doing their bit.

    I agree with other posters that children do need some form of independence before adulthood. Otherwise they never have the chance to try out their decision making skills or learn their own boundaries etc. It doesn't have to be walking home, but they do need something, IMO.

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    I walked or bummed a lift from a friends mum.

    My kids have never walked. We have never lived close enough to their school. My kids are very responsible. DD1 moved to other side of the country for uni, not only is she paying her own way, she is saving to study overseas.


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