Hi Mums to be!
My name is Rhiannon and I am in my first year studying Midwifery at UniSA.
I am 27 and live in the Southern Suburbs of Adelaide.
As a part of my studies I have the privilege of following a number of women throughout their pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey.
Known as Continuity of Care, this program is an invaluable learning tool and can also benefit mums and dads to be too.
I am seeking mums to be who live in Adelaide and are at various stages of their pregnancy to support through your wonderful journey whilst gaining the knowledge & skills required to become a midwife.
The requirements are for me to attend a minimum of 2 antenatal and 2 postnatal appointments and ideally attend your labour/birth.
If you choose to have a student midwife, YOU are completely in control, you can choose how much or how little I do and if at any stage you decide you no longer want a student thats okay.
If I were to join you throughout you pregnancy I would be under the supervision of your chosen care provider and abide by the same rules of confidentiality and privacy as any other health professional.
If you would be interested in having a student please dont hesitate to contact me through reply to this thread, or contact me directly at nolrk001@<a href="mailto:swaca002@my...isa.edu.au</a>

I would love to hear from you!