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    Default Forgot to ask ob this am!

    Hi all,
    I had an ob appt this am but had my two little active ones with me and was extremely tired! when ob asked if I had any questions I said 'no', just to get out of there quick!
    Anyways can anyone give me some answers to the following?
    • I am 23 weeks and have gained just under 4kg, was slim build to start, is that good? what is normal for now? (midwife didn't mention so I'm assuming ok!)
    • I have started getting braxton hicks, from memory last time was around now, maybe a bit later. I had last bub early at 34 weeks. The BH are not regular prob 1-4times a day but are quite strong, not painful but wind me and I need to sit or lie. Is that normal? Last time I remember having strong ones from 27 weeks and with bub coming along at 34 weeks, does this mean this bub will be early too or is it normal to get some strong ones now? When I say strong I sometimes get an achy feeling down legs and arms too, not painful just achy/weak? they don't last more than 30sec..
    • bub is currently breech, again from memory last one was nowish too and had turned by 28 weeks, are alot of bubs breech at 23 weeks?
    I'll leave it at that for now! Just mainly with the BH just wondering if/when I need to get checked, last time I didn't because there was nothing regular and consistent until the day bubs was born. So don't know when to start being paranoid and turn up on labour ward!!
    thanks in advance!! Next time I will leave the kiddies with a babysitter!

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    Hi! I have had 2 premmies and also have had BH from quite early on. Mine this preg started at 16weeks kind of like you describe, Id discuss them with your Ob, but mine put me on progesterone and told me to drink plenty of water which has settled them heaps but i was getting 15-30 a day. But he always says if they become more frequent or have a pattern to call him.

    From my reading (as a preggy lady!) it is common for bub to flip around from breech to cephalic up until 32week, so dont stress about that yet. I have know idea on the weight thing everyone is different.

    Do you know why your bub came early? this is probably important to work out etc, ie if they think it might be just PTL then its important to control the BH etc.... I hope that make sense!

    All the best with everything I hope you make it to term


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