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    National Problem Gambling Hotline - 1800 858 858

    Here is a number you can call for advice. I would strongly suggest you seek out counselling services in your area and get DH to go, he needs professional help and the sooner the better. I would tell him you will stay but you need to see concrete evidence of him kicking this ie counselling, prove he has really closed his betting account etc.

    Good luck, i know how awful gambling addiction is

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    I agree with PPs who have said that there is more to it than just closing a betting account (you can bet at any TAB/racecourse without an account). Gambling is a serious and damaging addiction, I have also seen a friend's family have a similar experience to Knomie's and the damage is not just emotional, this person nearly ended up in jail for embezelment. The wife had total financial control so he started stealing from work, hundreds of thousands of dollars!

    If he is commited then he should be willing to do everything necessary and this must include professional help. There are a lot of initiatives to help problem gamblers as the government are well aware of what a big problem this is.

    He also needs to contact all of his friends involved in betting and explain to them that he has a problem and they cannot encourage him. Many of his mates will be able to have a punt on a friday night at the pub, lose $20, and walk away. They will not see the harm in texting him a hot tip but they need to understand that this is the same as handing an alcoholic a beer.

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    All the promises and best intentions to stop in the world can't help if there is an addiction. He may want to stop, he may promise to stop, but if he is addicted he physically cannot without some serious professional help.

    I would support him and help him if he makes the commitment to do the hard yards with professional assistance. Otherwise I would just leave, as it won't get better by itself.

    All the best

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    Take control of all your finances NOW (if he is so willing to 'change' he will agree to this), go and see a financial counsellor with all your paperwork and sort out what you will do in the case of separation, so you know that you and your child will be taken care of if it comes to that. You don't want to risk walking away with nothing because he's gambled it all.

    Like PP said, he is addicted, and he NEEDS professional help to over come it- if he refuses to see someone, I think you'll have to leave, as horrible as it sounds. I have had two friends lose EVERYTHING because of their husband's gambling, both stuck it out and are still happily married and the men no longer gamble. But its been a very long hard road for both of them, and the gambler has to be 100% committed to dealing with it (starting with admitting he has a problem).


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