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    Default 11 month old chewing and spitting out!

    DS is 11 months old and has been a very fussy feeder since he was born. We have seen countless GPs, Paeds, child health nurses etc and they have all said there is no medical reason for him being fussy, he just has a small appetite. His weight gain has always been slow, but because he doesn't have any other symptoms such as reflux etc, none of the professionals have ever been too concerned and all say he'll get there eventually.

    I have being patiently going along with him being fussy and allowing him to explore food in his own way but now that he is 11 months I am starting to really worry. I offer him three meals a day, plus snacks and water from a sippy cup. He is having three bottles a day of approx 180mls each.

    He hates being spoon fed, so I usually give him some finger foods and also try and spoon feed him as well if he will allow it. The thing that worries me most is that with his finger foods, he will chew it and seem to enjoy it but will then spit it out rather than swallow it and then take another bite, but then spit it out again after a few chews. The other day he was really hungry and taking bites and spitting them out and getting upset because he couldn't satisfy himself. But wouldn't take anything from a spoon. It really upset me.

    I have tried different textures, and sizes of food, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I even tried fully BLW and no purees at all, but he still spat it out and lost weight, so I had to go back to supplementing with spoon feeding.

    I have read a little bit on swallowing disorders and I wonder if he has something like this. What confuses me though is that he swallows his milk from a bottle fine. He actually usually wolfs them down in one go and people have commented on how fast he drinks. He also constantly rocks back and forward in his high chair and whinges. I wish he enjoyed food.

    He has just started day care and the carer said it is a bit of a concern that he is eating so little and that it could be a problem. I am worried he is not going to be able to continue going if he doesn't learn to swallow

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    My DS has this issue too. Its been suggested to us that he may have overly large tonsils that are making it hard for him to swallow food. Might be worth getting that checked out by your doctor just in case. Other things suggested to us are seeing a dietitian, and seeing a speech therapist as they can help with swallowing issues.

    Its really frustrating. Good luck finding an answer.

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    My DD was the same till around 14 months. Would bite into food but wouldn't swallow it, didn't matter what it was. One day she just got the hang of it and started swallowing the food. She is 22 months now and although she is fussy she is able to chew & swallow easily.


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