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    Oh huge hugs! I remember how hard this time was! 12 months on, and its seriously not even something I worry about anymore (obviously I still worry about my DS in general but the fretting I had about being at work and DS in dacyare is no longer there).

    What helped me was having DS in daycare before I actually started at work, so my first day of work wasnt DS's first day of daycare also. I gradually weaned myself away from him. First day he went from 8-11, then the next time he went for longer and so on til he went for 3 full days the week before I went back to work.

    I called daycare as many times as I wanted when he first went and on my first day at work. And I trusted daycare 100% which is a biggie. My daycare were awesome though and I thnk were used to crying mums!

    My first day at work was spent basically a mess! lol! Work were very supportive too! So allow yourself to be upset, its only natural.

    It took me about 3-4months before I actually felt like we were in the swing of things. So I think its important to give yourself time to get used to it.

    DS has been in daycare since 7months, I am going on mat leave again in October for 14months this time, but we knew we were planning #2, that made the financial commitment to work easier. I am rejiggling my work hours so that when I return from mat leave in 2014 I wont be paying 2 x fulltime daycare cos that would be a killer.

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    I had to go back to work just on 3 months after DD1 was born. It was hard, but we really didn't have a choice: DH lost his job the exact day I went into labour - nice timing right? So by 3 months our savings were running out, debts building up and my old job rang and begged me to come back ASAP. So I did. DH stayed home with DD1 most of the time, except when he had interviews as we were determined this would be a temporary thing. I ended up working right up until DD1 was about 2 (job market was crap for DH's skill set) , and I was 7 months preg with DD2. I know it's not the same situation, as you've been home with your bub for a year, but if it helps at all DD1 is a wonderful, clever, happy child and our bond and relationship is as good as my one with DD2 who I've been home with from her birth.


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