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    I'd tell and live with whoever you feel most comfortable with. I'd try to tell the other parent pretty quick smart just in case he/she hears it through the grapevine. I'm sure they will both want to hear it straight from you

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    I really feel for you it is a tough decision to be faced with, my big brother was the same age as you when he came home and told my mum his gf was pregnant. Mum was really supportive whereas her mother, father and older sisters all advised her to have an abortion. She even booked in to have one but backed out at the last minute, my mum was still the most supportive and asked her parents around for a chat. They decided to get married and live with her parents believe it or not until they saved a deposit for there own home. My brother worked his butt off to provide for his lil family, he worked full time and studied at Uni part. He is now a fully qualified archaeologist who graduated with honours and a phd. My point is you can make this work if you want to and you can achieve so much if you work hard for it, telling your parents is going to be hard but trust me you will be faced with many difficult decisions in life it's all part of growing up. If it were me I would tell my mum first because my mum has always been supportive of me no matter what i do, it depends who you can most rely on though. Good luck and i hope you can come to a decision soon.

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    I would personally go tell the parent that you are closest to first as well. Being a teen mum I went to my mother first. Being a teen parent I found the closest parent to be the most support (less angry).
    Also I would live with the parent you are closest to or the one who will be able to give you and your fiance the most support. Being a young parent is not easy. I wish you all the best.


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