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    Default Preclampsia in first pregnancy, did you get it or high BP in your second pregnancy?

    Hi ladies,

    Just wondering what the chances are of getting it again. I'm almost 31 weeks and this is when my BP started going high with my first pregnancy. I've been seeing stars at least once a day but I have been seeing them from early on in the pregnancy and my OB said it's a good sign meaning my BP is low. My BP has been normal so far but the last few days I've been feeling yuk but not sure if it's just because I'm tired.

    Would love to hear your exp pls

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    I had a severe case of pre eclampsia with ds I I had waited another day to go to Hospital I could have died! I'm now 33 weeks with my second and my blood pressure has started to go abit funny but they are just keeping a close eye on me..

    I few weeks ago I was feeling very odd and it end up being my blood pressure but it has come down abit since then. It wouldn't hurt to duck into ur dr and get it checked out..

    I'm sure your doctors will take good care of you if u start to show symptoms!

    They say u don't always get it the second time.. The hospital did tell me that if u have a different partner then what u did with the first that can increase ur chance


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