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    Hey guys ,

    Im actually almost finished my study to be a Personal Trainer, I would advise NO RUNNING, this does cause your heartrate to rise and more blood to be pumped around your body, this causing your body temp to also rise. After about 15-18 weeks if you are still jogging i would stop that also just due to the fact again of what i stated above as well as the extra pressure that it will be putting on you.
    Also do NO ab work, no crunches, no sit ups etc at any time of the pregnancy. If you do any weights make sure they are light and do not lay on your back as this restricts blood flow to both you and the baby.

    Safe exercises would be walking - if u want to step it up make it so its powerwalking just so you can still hold a conversation.
    Swimming is great as well, just with this make sure again you dont overheat your body.
    Pilates for pregnancy is great as well.
    Step classes can be ok depending on the levels that you are at. But do check this first as everyone is different.
    You can do calf/glute/leg exercises on the mats, as long as you are laying on your side, as well as resistance training again must be laying on you side.
    Try to always stretch to cool down as it helps with birth if your muscles are a bit flexible.
    With weights, i would avoid going heavy thats its causing a strain on your body, maybe keep it lighter and do more reps. Again this comes down to what you were previously able to do.
    Anything that causes you to be unbalanced causes you a high risk of falling so this should be avoided as well.

    Make sure during your exercise you have got plenty of fluids on hand just in case and a snack food ( fruit etc ) for afterwards.

    All of the above is going with what i have found out from my studies, my doctors and midwifes as well as other personal trainers.
    Hope it helped.

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    last time I did every thing as normal until 32 weeks (when I had a bleed and was put on bed rest)
    I didnt raise my weights in pump, and also didnt put my weights on my shoulders (I used handweights for lunges and squats)
    Balance I did some modified poses, and instead of the ab work I did planks.
    I stopped attack about 28 weeks, as my tummy was sore from jiggling from the movements.
    I couldnt ride my bike after 28 weeks, as DD was very low and the seat hurt my pelvis.
    I swam until the day I went into labour, but only did gentle laps, and no more than 1km.
    I think if you dont exhaust yourself then thats a good guide

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    If you have been exercising for a while you will know when to cut back. Use the heart rate as a guide but go by how you feel. Dont get too breathless or sweat up a storm. I exercised alot before pregnancy and i found (at 31) 140 h/r was still too low for me.
    I exercised 5 days a week, some times 6. I ran and did body combat until 20 weeks. Pump and body step until 30 and cycle class up until the week i have my twins.
    The main thigs to look out for is dehydration, dizzyness and injury. The relaxin in your body during pregnancy can make you more prone to injury. Also your pelvic floor, lots of jumping etc with all that extra weight will give it a good run for its money LOL.

    As long as it feels good then its ok, its justn ot a time to get PB's and push yourself
    Enjoy and good work on trying to stay fit and healthy

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    I walk about 5 kms a day, and do the odd exercise DVD. I had to give up my pump and rpm classes as they made me feel dizzy.

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    I have looked into this more extensively, and questioned the midwives, doctor and personal trainers more, and as I am healthy with no complications, have always been active, they have no problem with me continuing running whilst I am comfortable. Yes my heartrate will rise, but I will not overheat at the pace I am doing, and monitoring my heartrate. Keeping hydrated is a priority, and listening to my body. There are a lot of reports from doctors online advising running is absolutely fine. I know a number of people who have continued running through their pregnancy until it became too uncomfortable and they all have healthy children.


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