Congrats on your first bub! What an amazing experience. (Im 10 weeks with my first!!)

Seems youve got it sorted. Just wanted to add for anyone else reading this that has the same question ...

All Dr's are different unfortunately! I went to my GP at 4 weeks, She said "great" see you at 8 weeks. No bloods, no scans etc are required. I was like, Uh ... ok then. (she is a very reputable Dr). She asked if i had any pains, any issues, Nope. She said come back at 8 weeks for a scan letter for a Dating Scan.

I went back at 6.5 weeks for the letter and had my Scan done at 7 weeks 4 days. I then had a blood test done at 8 weeks to check for STD's, My immunity to Rubella, Measles etc.

At no stage did I need a HCG level test. I thought it was strange at the time. I checked with friends etc. Completely normal. The scan will prove a pregnancy much better than any blood test!

My point is, Dr's do all different things, There arent any set tests in early pregnancy. Blood tests for confirmation are also not required. I was told by one of my friends I HAD to have a HCG test in order to prove my pregnancy and I wouldnt be accepted by the Hospital unless I had it. Stuff the hospital. If they cant see a baby on a scan ... Thats there problem! .