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    Carsguide and redbook are great sites to get some info on the cars and compare fuel efficiency and what the cars are worth plus cars guide has reviews too. The Mazda 3 is slightly more fuel efficient than the corolla of the same year but then you need to compare the cost of services and parts for an overall picture. Love both of those car tho ,plenty of room and do the job well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dannielle View Post
    rainbow road- Thanks. No rush. What year is it?

    Thanks guys, I will keep trying to convince DH for no Holden. Need to know that what we get is going to be reliable. Will get him to have a look at reviews. Definately don't want to do Barina.

    Going to talk to DH about going 2nd hand and getting something we know should be reliable.

    Still like Toyota Corolla - I hired it for a week last year and it was nice to drive. Small compared to our current car but not too small and even the hatch boot is huge compared to our current boot!

    I want to look at the Toyota Yaris sedan too just in case it's not too small. Could probably find an ex-demp or low km sedan for $18k

    Looks like I should be able to find a Corolla Ascent (don't really mind hatch or sedan) easily say maybe a 2009/2010 model for about $18k.

    Mazda 3 is on the list maybe a 2008? not sure about how many km's to consider looking up to.

    We adjusted the budget to see what we can get for $18k total for minimal finance or maybe next to nothing if we get a decent trade in.

    Might look at Nissan's too. Our old one was really good. Had it for years with no mechanical drama's. Was still running well when we traded it in too.

    Will look at all the other suggestions too.

    What about Hyundai's or Kia's? Yay or nay? I have never been fond of Ford's, don't know why.
    I have an '06 Mazda 3 but she has a few added features. She'd only done 80,000ks when we bought her last month.

    An '08 Mazda 3 would be awesome assuming it's been looked after well, of course. And Toyota Corolla's are always a safe bet - that's why the resale value of both cars is excellent.

    Nissans are good. My cousin has a Micra and it's great. I just don't know what models there are out there. I've also heard great things about the Hyundai i30. I'd steer clear of Kias personally, heard very mixed reviews. The newer model Mitsubishi Lancer's are supposed to be great and have an excellent safety rating too.

    I'm trying to remember all the details from when we bought ours, although we looked at Mazda 3s and not much else, we narrowed it down to Mazda 3, but we had Toyota Corolla and Hyundai i30 on our short list. The Mazda won because I've had a Mazda before and trust them (mine was an '89 model and was still going strong when we parted), we thought it was a bit sexier but it'd also grow best with our family and DP didn't really want to drive a Toyota...snob

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainbow road View Post
    Nissans are good. My cousin has a Micra and it's great. I just don't know what models there are out there. I've also heard great things about the Hyundai i30.
    The Micra is really teeny isn't it? Must be. Yeah, not sure what's out there for Nissan's either. My old one was pretty old and still going good when we traded it.

    Oh yeah, I had a Hyundai i30 on my list before but I haven't seen one yet.


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