My name is Kate and Partner is Jess. We have been in a loving (lesbian) and committed relationship for sometime now. Recently I was admitted to hospital and they discovered that in the quiet near future (12-18mnths) my body will not allow me to have children.

We had organized and set up with a dear friend of mine to be the sperm donor, which since initially having problems with my Ovaries in 2010, has always promised that when the time is needed he will happily donate and step back and let me raise the child as my own (and whom ever I am with).
So, when I discovered this news he happily agreed, we checked my cycle for when the best days would be for me to try in the upcoming months and it was all set for us to try this month with him. But the other day I woke to a very nasty message from him and he is now declining to help me now due to reasons that I do completely understand. But, feel heart broken thinking that my future baby is not going to be. I am still worrying that this may not be. But I hope with your help my dream of being a parent will come true.

I am only 21 years old, However, I grew up quick having come from a broken family and struggled on my own since the young age of 14. But I have come so far with my life. My partner, Jess is 25 years old and has 4 year old daughter from a previous relationship. Jess is a very qualified and skilled Early Childhood teacher and I am qualified Youth Worker and I plan on study Psychology in the future. My partner comes from a loving family, and I have created my own loving family over the years.

We do also wish to raise this child as our own. However, it is open for discussion for the donor to be like a Uncle figure and with future acknowledgement of who their father maybe. But, keep in mind this is all open for discussion.

We wish dearly for you to grant us the gift of donation in the next month or so if possible. We are from Newcastle. And we are going to try home insemination, so we would be more than happy to meet half way or depending on where in Sydney you are we come to you.


Kate & Jess

If you are interested please respond to this post and we can talk.