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    Default I wish HE was pregnant.

    arghhh! sort of just want somehwere to vent as DH has no idea.

    Im 7ish weeks pregnant with the worsssssst nausia 24/7. Ive thrown up only once after eating a hamburger (ehhhhh)
    Everything and i mean everything makes me want to spew.
    The smell of soft drink today set me off.
    I havent eaten properly in about a week because of the nausia, yet my stomach looks like im already in my second trimester! WTF!?

    DH gets home and asks what have i done all day....he said he doesnt come home from a 10hr day to fold washing, cook dinner, clean up dd's mess ect ect.....
    Im just so god damn tired. I dont even have the energy to stand up for myself.
    So today i went all out and cleaned, shopped and cooked.
    I clearly over did it. I got hot sweats, dizzy and even more nausiated i couldnt even eat lunch. I was sore and had to lay down for an hour.

    Bloody hell if HE was preggas omg the world would stop for 9 months. He'd be paid out $50,000 per kid and paternitly leave for a lifetime. He wouldnt have to do a thing, every complaint would be taken seriously and the hospital would come to HIM.
    Men woundnt COPE, that's why WOMEN do it!

    OK vent over......When will this increadable tiredness and nausia end? Im not myself, i dont even feel like im on earth atm

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    Lol they just don't get it.
    I would like to put my DH in a fat suit for a day.

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    They definately don't get it... I was always cranky at my DH for his attitude of "women have been doing this since the beginning of time - so suck it up!!" he was working away on a 2-1 roster so he didn't see how I was feeling, but since he's been working closer to home he's he's over that now he's seen the pain and discomfort I've been in so far.

    At times, with little comments he says it still makes me think he doesn't understand, but there is no way they can I suppose.

    All you need to do is look after yourself and your baby... don't overdo it because it the worst should happen you'd never forgive yourself!!

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    It's so hard isn't it? I'm "lucky" because I had chickenpox three months before I fell pregnant and for three or four days I literally could not leave my bedroom, so DH got a crash course in taking care of everything! When I did fall pregnant I would come home from work and go straight to bed.

    But I don't think men would cope very well - the world stops when they have man flu, imagine 9 months! Big big hugs xxxx


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