Hi There,

Excuse if the typing gets a little sparodic, I am a little confused and anxious.

We have 2 1/2 year old twins, a boy and a girl. Our son developed what we initially thought was nappy rash about 1 week ago. We have been fortnaute for him to not have had this before so treated it the way we have treated our daughter in the past. He is getting over a cold so we thought the two were linked. The rash did not get better so off to the doctor today who told us it lookes like he has Herpes!! She took 2 swabs and we get the results in a week. That is so long to wait. She told us he may have been infected genetically by his father who has had cold sores in the past but not for over 5 years. I have read what I can about herpes but am confused. I understand the main 2 types are HSV 1 and HSV 2. If my husband has HSV 1 which is mainly a cold sore infection, can this be inherited by our son in the form of HSV 2? Which is the genital form.
Neither of us has ever had any signs of genital warts.
Has anyone experienced this and what information can you give us?
Should it turn out to be herpes I would imagine we have a tricky situation to deal with when he gets older.
Where else could he have got it from? His child care teacher kisses both our children on the lips, something we have NEVER been comfortable with but have not addressed. We certainly will now!!

Any feedback would be appreciated.