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    Default Hypnosis CD for bedwetting??


    Just wondering if anyone has used a hypnosis CD to cure bedwetting. I have just seen one on EB. Do they work???

    How long would you leave a child age wise before you become obsessive (lol) about getting them dry at night. We have always been it will happen when it happens type parents, but now I am getting a bit antsy about this issue!!!

    Family history wise it has been a problem on my DH's side so i don't know whether to just go with the flow because of that.

    Cheers for any thoughts!!

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    How old is your child? About 10% of boys at age 6 are still not dry overnight. My ds is 5.5 and waking him at night to try & take him to the toilet is impossible as he sleeps VERY deeply. Getting him to wake himself is even more impossible. I don't know about hypnosis CD's, but I imagine they might induce deeper sleep, therefore not helping.

    You can become as obsessional as you like, but that doesn't help the childs brain to develop. It's a very complex thing to learn to notice that you need to go to the toilet when you're asleep, so that you wake yourself up, get out of bed and onto the toilet before anything happens. It's not laziness or a 'behavioural' issue that stops a child most of the time, it's just waiting for all the messages to work together.

    We last tried my ds without pull-ups (well, Dry Nites PJ pants anyway) about 2 months ago and he had maybe 2 dry nights out of 10. The wet nights were bad with lots of tears and lost sleep when he woke up very wet & needed a full change himself and a full bedding change. It just wasn't worth the stress. We'll try again in a little while. He'll be 6 at the end of the year and I suppose I'll try for longer over the summer holidays if we haven't had success by then.


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