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    Default Wwyd - nap at 2.45 pm?

    Ds is 23 months and hasn't napped regularly since 16 months,

    The last few days he has become really really rank and passed out at 2.45 pm (won't go down earlier)

    It wouldn't be a problem but yesterday he slept til 4pm and was then full of energy til midnight and that is what will continue to happen.

    I suspect he has a virus at the moment which explains the sleeps but now I dont know weather to leave him sleep and have him up til midnight or keep him awake when he clearly needs the sleep or let him have a partial sleep and hope he goes down around the 9 pm mark?

    He is a 12 hour sleeper usually, he wakes several dozen times over night but will not 'wake' happy for the day til around 12 hours after he went toa bed.

    Last night he was up and down crying ALL night and woke up at 8.30 am and has cried and whined all day as a result,

    I have tried waking him earlier today to see what happens.

    What would you do?

    Leave bub sleep when they want (and have them up til midnight or later )

    Force them to stay awake


    Give a smaller sleep and hope for the best?

    Would you change your answer if you suspected bub was getting sick?
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    I don't think I'd let DS stay up till midnight. Id try wake him from his nap, but that's just me.

    My ds1 is 27mths and sometimes naps at 3pm, which then means bedtime is just before 9pm.
    I try to put him to nap earlier now.. For him 1230 works ands then he goes to beD on time.

    While he isn't well can u put him to nap a bit earlier? Say an hour earlier??


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