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Hi everyone!

I am currently 16 weeks with a singleton after twins, the twins were delivered via csection at 38 weeks due to breach presenting twin.

This time around I am hoping to have a vbac, my hospital has said they will fully support me in any choice I make be it another csection or a vbac, I am hoping to have a vbac as this will be my last child and I really want to experience a vaginal birth, obviously it is still early and I have plenty of time to make my mind up.

But I have a few questions, I have googled and not alot of answers arise, so I was hoping someone can help me!!!

It will be 26 months after a csection.

1. What happens in a vbac situation? Do they have to induce you, or do you just show up in labour?

2. What monitoring/machines will e attached to me during this time. And are they compulsory?

3. What am I restricted from doing? Walking, squatting, laying on my side etc etc

4. Do I have to have an epidural or any other strong medications "just in case"?

5. What happens when they decide it's not working and other ways are needed? Csection, episiotomy, etc etc.

6. An I allows to refuse internal examinations and all things the like?

Obviously every one is different and things can go pear shaped but I truly want to give this a fair go and hope for the best.
Thanks for posting this! I'm in the exact same situation except am 12 weeks with a singleton after twins. Questions are now answered