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    Default Considering donating my beautiful embryos but have lots of questions

    I am considering donating my four perfect blastocyst embryos, derived from my perfect 14th ivf cycle which blessed me with identical twin boys. They are my world and worth every bit of the struggle and worry I went through over 4 years of IVF. Unfortunatley, the birth of my boys was complicated and I can no longer carry another child. I am now left with a huge decision to make as to what to do with my beautiful embryos. I would love to know that they went to a good home and were raised in a Christian home. I would also love for a child who might result from this to also know their brothers? Is that an appropriate thing to ask for?

    I would love to hear from others who have donated their embryos about what is acceptable to negotiate. I would love more than anything to find a couple who we could bond with and share a special friendship with. Again, that might be unacceptable to ask of someone. I have no idea where this post might lead and whether I might find the right couple to take this on. I just hope to give my embryos a chance at life and also bless a couple with the children God had planned for them to raise. While I have been toiling with what to do I believe God impressed upon my heart that he chooses whose someone's mummy or daddy will be and so I'm hoping that he will lead me to the right couple out there.

    To everyone else out there, I hope you all get the chance to become mummy's and daddy's!

    Love NGU xo

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    Wow, what an amazing thing to do. Just wanted to tell you that I think that You are a very special person to thik about giving someone such an amazing gift. I truly hope you are able to find someone/couple to help. God bless you xx

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    You are a wonderful lady to be thinking of donating your embryos. I wish you all the luck in the world in finding the right couple. God Bless


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