Ever since the day I met my now husband it was our dream tohave a family. We met in 1996 & married in 1999. I feel so lucky to havemarried someone I think of as my best friend & we have a wonderful lovingrelationship. 4 years ago (2007) we knewwe were at a stage in our lives where we were ready to start the family wealways dreamed of having. Little did we know or expect that we would face sucha challenge trying to make this dream a reality.We are in our mid/late Thirties (Me 39 and DH 38) and live in Brisbane. DH works full time & due to the timetables and stress IVF/ICSI has caused I no longer work full time, but run a small online business from home. We are a fit and healthy couple. We’ve been trying to conceive since 2007 & then in 2009 we had some medical tests done that showed DH had sperm quality issues & I suffered PCOS & that IVF/ICSI was our only chance to conceive.Unfortunately we have had a very tough journey starting fromMarch 2010 & completing 8 full stimulation cycles of IVF/ICSI & 1 IUI. To improve our chance’s trying donor sperm was suggested & we have done three cycles using that. It has been a physical & emotional rollercoasteras we have endured the pain of suffering 4 early miscarriages. Realising your dream then to have it snatched away from you, just made us realise even more how desperately we want to have a child in our lives. The losses did allow us for a short time, to realise the joy having a child would bring to our life. Over the course of the last 2 years we have realised that this journey is not about having a child, but about creating & becoming the little family we have always dreamed about. We have a wonderful life together with each other, our 2 cats & a lovely house with great family & friends. To have a child or children included in our lives would be the realisation of a dream we have been doing everything for, during the past 5 years. We have so much love to give & never imagined we would face an issue like this.We can’t even explain how much that a child of ours would be welcomed, cherished & loved. We have so much love we want to share with our child/children to be and we are now at the point where we need the assistance of a wonderfully generous Egg Donor to make this dream a reality.If you are aged 18-35, have completed your family and are willing and able to help us achieve our dream please contact us via EMAIL OR PM on this site. If you wish to remain anonymous we will respect this and all future contact will be handled by our clinic here in Brisbane, however if you wish to meet we are open to thatg as well. We are in Brisbane & would prefer someone in Qld but are open to interstate donors. We will answer any questions and queries you have in order to help you reach you decision to select us & even if it is anon. We do ask one thing, that you are a genuine egg donor & have researched & know everythng that goes with this process & wont pull out when the going gets tough. Thank you for taking the time to read this. It is very hard to know exactly what to say to stress how much we want a child or children as a part of our lives & have the family we have dreamed of. We sincerely mean every word we have written here & if you are at all considering helping us, please read my blog (link below) chronicling the path to parenthood we have travelled so far. We will make this dream of ours a reality, we just need your help. From the bottom of our hearts, would you please consider helping us.BLOG: http://pathtoparenthoodviaivf.blogspot.com/