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    Default Amenorrhea treatment

    So I have secondary amenorrhea (absence of menstration) caused by the depo provera shot and DP and I want to TTC but my GP is refusing to prescribe hormone treatment (provera/clomid) to stimulate my periods as he think its a load of hogwash....

    Today he even refused to give me the pill for treatment of it as he wants my body to do its thing naturally, which on average takes 18 months to get your first post-depo period!!!!

    Right now ive had just about enough of doctors and I'm looking into a herbal treatment for high progesterone levels (caused by the shot) and/or something that aides estrogen/progesterone level normality, cleanses the liver of built up synthetic hormones or generally stimulates periods into action. Ive come across Doug Quai (chinese angelica) fennel and chaste berry but im completely lost as to which one is useful in this situation!

    Can anyone make a suggestion on any of these herbs and their uses or another remedy that I could look into to?

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    Hi There,

    Reading your post, any luck with the periods? My last injection was 4 months ago and no period. I'm worried that it will take me 18 months to get my cycle back. I've read a bit about vitex, but am going to my gp about taking it (I'm on a few meds already) I've also got an appointment with a gyno/obs to ask her about it. I just hate being in this LIMBO of not knowing!!


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