Ok so i know a thread got canned before(centrelink payments) as it got out of hand so i went onto the centrelink website trying to find some info but dont think there is any yet (please post a website or news article that clears it up if there is one) and i came across a Clean Energy Future Household Assistance Package http://www.humanservices.gov.au/cust...-energy-future

tried to find out how much it is but couldnt??? and also only just realised about the maternity immunisation allowance does anyone know how much that it??? Then i hear about a $400 supplement for school aged kids (does that include kindy also)

Also if im receiving FTB a and b how does my pay get affected when my kids have turned 6, 4 and 1 (first half of the year) I know something happens when my youngest is either 5 or 8 (dnt exactly know which one) but will it be effected now that my oldest is 6 or will it get lower when his 8???

I hate the changes and all the supplements we are getting as it means we always have to double check we are entilted to them but dont really need them if that makes sense esp coming up to tax time argh.

Any info would be great