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    Default NT results for second pregnancy after previous baby with Downs

    Hi all,

    Well im just entering into week 12 for my second pregnancy which is very exciting.

    Our first pregnancy did not proceed as the baby had Downs Syndrome something which my husband and I were not able to cope with.

    Anyway initially we were going to go straight for the CVS this time round but after discussions with our OB we decided to do the initial NT screening tests and then assess if we will have any additional tests.

    We have been told whatever the risk is from this initial combined result we are to halve it because of the last pregnancy.

    I am just wondering from other women who have had a pregnancy with a Downs baby if there results next time were largely different? As in 1:200 first time but then 1:1000 second time?

    Any comments would be appreciated but please no judgements on my decision from our first pregnancy.

    Thanks and baby dust to all xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patiently waiting View Post
    We have been told whatever the risk is from this initial combined result we are to halve it because of the last pregnancy.
    Halve it as in 1/200 becomes 1/100 or 1/200 becomes 1/400? I thought the lab would use the info from your previous pregnancy in their calculations, i know they ask for that information.

    Best wishes for your NT results.

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    Hi patiently waiting. Firstly, so sorry to hear about your first pregnancy. No one can imagine how hard it would be to make that decision.

    How did you go with your initial tests? Do you remember what your numbers where last time which lead to additional testing? I'm currently waiting for my Amnio (another two weeks arrgg) as my results were 1-19 for Downs. My uncle has downs and while we love him and wouldn't have it any other way, my husband and I agreed, like you, we would not continue if it's positive.

    Wishing you all the best for your test, I'm sure it must be very nerve racking for you! X


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