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    Default can't wait till my scan! Very anxious

    Hi All.
    OK so I will be officially 12 weeks in a few days. My NT scan is booked for thursday week. It feels like AGES to wait and I am anxious because I "look" pregnant so a lot of people know but I'm scared to 100% come clean because we havent had that scan yet. I am scared- I so want baby to be ok! We had a scan at 6 weeks and saw the heart beat etc and I try and convince myself that if anything was wrong I would have severe cramps/bleeding, but I know that is not always true. I tried to get in earlier for my scan but they cant fit me in. I have high BP when pregnant so Im trying not to stress but its hard, especially as JUST before this preg, we miscarriage at 6 weeks.
    What can I do? I have an OB appt friday, can he listen to the HB via doppler at 12 weeks? Should I go to the local hospital saying I have cramps and try and get a scan? (Joking, i wouldnt waste hospital resources that way) Just feel so down and cant imagine having to feel this way for another 10 days

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    How you're feeling is completely understandable! I get very stressed too between scans, even when there's no reason to be!! I do the same thing, tell myself I haven't had any cramping or bleeding, so bub must be fine! It doesn't always work tho..

    I think u should explain ur concerns to ur OB - especially given your history, he/she should understand how stressed you are? And help put your mind at ease? Your OB should be able to try to locate a hb with a Doppler, if not, could ur talk your OB into giving you a scan?

    I bought myself a Doppler in my last pregnancy - It was the ONLY thing that kept me sane and calm!! I'd had a few losses previously, and would sometimes get so stressed about something being wrong, I hopped online and bought one - money well spent!! I used it last week at 10 weeks coz I was having a bit of a freak out, and even tho 10 weeks is quite early to hear a heartbeat via a Doppler, I managed to find it made me feel so much better!

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    I've only just found out i'm pregnant on the weekend and I'm worrying already. I can't wait to get the 12 week scan over either. I had a miscarriage 1 day short of 6 weeks late last year, I'm hoping I will feel a little better when i get past that point. You have made it so far already, I hope the next week goes quickly and that you get good news at the scan.


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