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    Default Older siblings dealing with new baby

    I was wondering if anyone has had trouble with older siblings and newborns. My daughter is 6 and our son is 10 weeks. She loves him, but is having trouble dealing with receiving less attention from myself and my husband. We always seem to get upset with her as she acts up while we are trying to deal with our son. We try to give her one on one time, but it is very difficult as my husband works night shift, and we are rarely all together at the same time. When we are together we are always tired and cranky. What is most shocking is my daughter said to my husband "what is the best way to kill myself so you won't be angry at me anymore?" She is 6 years old. I didn't know kids that young would even consider that. I am beside myself with worry for her.

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    I've read somewhere that you can help create a bond between siblings by making her feel involved with the newborn by maybe getting her to give you the nappies and wipes when bubba needs a change. It's suppose to make them feel very useful and appreciated. Just an idea. Hope others may be able to help you out more.

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    I would speak to your child health nurse or GP about the killing ones self comment as that is concerning however during busy times with baby can you explain time frames etc and have a special time at the end eg mummy is going to feed baby now that will take 30 minutes while I am doing that you can do colouring/reading/watch a movie and when I finish we can all go and make popcorn/have a cuddle/something fun together. Then reward the good behaviour with a treat. If she acts out during the feed/baby care time I would just comment without a raised voice "oh thats a pity you are doing xyz that means we can't have our special treat when i am done with baby". Hope this helps. And chat to your health nurse or GP.

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