Hi Everyone,

I have been lurking on a few boards for a while but have finally decided to jump in the deep end now that I have a question! Hope to get to know you all!

I had a MC last Nov at 11 weeks that ended with a D&C. My cycle has been a bit different since - same length after the first long cycle but with an 11 day LP.

This month I am on two lots of antibiotics for my teeth. This has caused a rather large amount of EWCM (sorry for the TMI!), which I believe is normal. Since I am also using OPKs I wasn't fussed.

BUT now I have an almost positive on the OPK a good 6-7 days before I expected it. I usually get darkening almost positives for a couple of days, but this was nothing yesterday, light line today, and a dark almost positive tonight.

So - has anyone else had an earlier OPK+ on antibiotics? Could it just be my cycle calming down back into a more promising LP length? I am going to try a different brand OPK test once I can perform again (LOL!) but would love any opinions.

Thank you for anyone who got this far