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    My 2 year old still doesn't sleep through and i fear it may never happen...
    My saving grace is that my older child is a dream sleeper, thank you DD1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by share a book View Post
    Me too, and I even had one that did sleep. People who make comments like no babyof theirs will be a non-sleeper, or their baby will be taught to sleep, or who criticise parents of non-sleepers really get to me. I have wished a non-sleeper on those people. Purely as much of a chance as winning on a scratchie. Also, babies who prefer less sleep (even if they need more) are still good babies.
    same here. dd slept through from the day we came home from hospital, but i never talked about it as other mums were struggling. tbh, im more in awe of a friend who exists on 5hrs broken sleep, between her non sleeping toddler and newborn. plus her dh works away, so its not like she can nap (like i do) i want to know her secret!
    im convinced bellyfruit wont sleep, since i was blessed the first time around. (not that she slept a lot, we only ever had catnaps in the day, but nights were solid, which i felt was better!)


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