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    I found these amazing Anita maternity bras which actually have an underwire. I'm a dd cup and got very bad back aches from maternity bras for DD1 and DD2. Once I wore underwire maternity bras for DS1 I actually found them so comfortable it didn't bother me that I had to wear them all the time. I found I had to wear maternity bras until I weaned my kids (all between 13 and 15 months) as it was just easier.

    At night I found laleche feeding bras the most comfortable (kind of like a sports top but a cross over at the front). I personally couldn't get comfortable in the bonds maternity singlets. I was also told by a midwife to wear very supportive feeding tops in the first few days or weeks as the milk is getting established as this can help prevent mastitis.

    I also bought the cotton nursing pads for nighttime to save a bit of money. Avent make them.

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    I wear one 24/7 and have needed breast pads from day dot. DD just needs to cry and that's enough for me to leak

    I have got a breastfeeding sleep top (same section as the bras in the store) come to think of it with a bra built in but only gets worn a couple nights a week when washed. That's pretty comfy and I don't feel like I'm wearing a bra AND a top to bed...

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    I wear a maternity bra 24/7 and it's recommended you start before 20 weeks of pregnancy too - I started pretty much straight away in my 2nd pregnancy as I changed sizes before 4 weeks! I didn't change size with ds til after he was born! I got a majamas EasyBra to sleep in - it's stretchy, but supportive and it doesn't have clips to dig into the area near your arm pits - nothing is worse when you're trying to grab a bit of sleep! You just pull the cups aside to feed (I'm a D cup and it works well).

    I bought a number of cloth breastpads and used them during the day, but they didn't work for me overnight at all. I leaked badly overnight from day 1 with my dd (didn't leak til my ds was 5 months old!). I use disposible breast pads for overnight (johnsons & johnsons ones). Now, my dd is 7 months old and I can usually manage without breastpads during the day, unless I'm at work and going a bit longer than usual between feeds. I just wear pads for overnight.

    I wear feeding nighties from BigW for nighttime - it has nursing slots in the top that means I stay warm, but I can easily feed. Best things I bought! They usually have baby sales twice a year and have some sort of feeding pj's & nighties available at that time (they get the stock in store then and so it can stay around, but I don't see them getting new stock in at other times of the year for this category).

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    Quote Originally Posted by michellek View Post
    I wear one 24/7 and have needed breast pads from day dot. DD just needs to cry and that's enough for me to leak

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    Another big leaker here. I had to wear breast pads for all of the 15.5 months I fed DS and DD is not quite 3 weeks old ATM but I am leaking a lot again.

    With DS I wore a maternity bra 24/7, including sleeping in them as I am a G/H cup so no breastfeeding singlets were big enough for my massive boobs. However this time I have bought two Hot Milk breast-feeding singlets and they are great. A bit roomy in the body but give nice support for my breasts and are great for sleeping in. I actually am about to order a couple more to save having to constantly wash them.


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