Hi everyone,

Just wondering if there is anyone else out there that has been diagnosed with mind endo and PCO?

My husband and I have just returned to IVF after 12 months off and our new specialist has told me that I have Poly Cystic Ovaries and mild endo. These issues were never discussed with our previous FS (we orignally were referred due to a MF) and after 3 cycles with the same protocol and no reults (no mature eggs upon pick up!), I am a little baffled that this had never been investigated and treated accordingly. I am scheduled for a laparosocpy at the end of this month and start IVF cycle number 4 at the beginning of next month.

I have also been put on a variety of new medications (Metformin, DHEA and other natural suppliments) and when I start Syneral i will also start Predisone, Feldine and another (the name escapes at the moment) and later Clenaxe. I was just wondering if others are on these, how do they make you feel? Have they been successful?

Any response is greatly appreciated! Just when I thought we knew most of what there was to know about IVF we come to this hurdle and I feel like Im right back at the beginning again!