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    I actually feel for the OP and believe she has every right to be angry, hurt and to vent. The comments the woman made were revolting. All people are saying is that calling her a fat B is kind of stooping to her level. That's all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SassyMummy View Post
    Meh. She's old. Things were different back in her day.

    Chances are, either she or many women she knew had babies young too... but they were also likely married at the time. She thinks the way she does because she's old and comes from a different set of beliefs and an entirely different time.

    I have plenty of tolerance for the elderly, even when they're being jerks. I figure... so what? Chances are, I'm going to get old and have my opinions too. The elderly will also die sooner or later anyway, so does it REALLY matter if they're having a bit of a sulk about teen mothers.

    I was a teenage parent too - I had my daughter at 19 after falling pregnant at 18... but honestly... who cares?
    I think it bugs me still because it just doesnt let up! And probably mu number one because they dont know how i got pregnant or the fact that even after that i chose to put it behind me and keep my baby and devote my life to her.

    Sometimes i want to scream in their face and tell them what happened and make them feel so ashamed of themselves and beg for forgiveness!

    I hope that one day i will not be affected by any comments but at this point, after all the things that have happened, its hard, like i said i usually ignore but i guess at times you just cant.

    Hopefully one day i will be able to ignore the ignorance and im sure i will but for now the pain is still very much raw

    All rhis single parents suck teen parents suck sahm parents suck gay ppl suck its gotta stop the hatred has to stop not everyone gets served the ideal life
    Lets comment on how great teen mums a doin lets say how strong a single parent is lets say how good it is a sahm parent can be there for there kids everyday lets say how great it is that gay men & women found their soulmate!

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