Hi all
i was wondering if anyone had moved from Neocate to Elecare. My EBF 4 month old was moved to Neocare due to mild relux, bad food allergies (mucous in stool, blood etc) even though I had been on severe elimination diet.

He took to the Neocate like a duck to water. But three weeks after he started screaming at the sight of the bottle, only drinking 20ml at a time having unconsollable screaming fit that lasted hours etc. the Ped GI prescribed Losec. It helped fr a bit and the dose was increased. The screaming stopped but he still refused to feed.

He got changed to Elecare. Thishe drinks with no issues - about 900ml a day, but he seems more unwell - he vomits more, has watery green poos, screams for long periods , refuses to sit up anymore and wants to be flat on his back. I assume reflux has increased again although he is on maximum dose of Losec.

If anyone can gives us some tips or shar their experience it would be great. I am so tired from him not sleeping and watching him in pain.