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    Default Looking for nutritional, filling, listeria-free lunch ideas...

    As the title says I'm looking for some lunch ideas that are quick, easy and taste good. DH and I are going touring in our caravan for 3 weeks starting next week. I am 8 week pregnant and feel hungry all the time.
    Generally when we go away we prepare lunch in the mornings and then pull over somewhere and eat during the day. In the past I have made salads with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, a prepareed deli pasta salad and deli meat or cold chicken. Obviously the deli salad and deli meat is going to be a no go this time around. So I'm looking for some ideas of what I can have for lunch that's easy to prepare, filling, nutritious and listeria-free. Any ideas???

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    baked beans on toast

    boiled eggs either in a salad or sliced in a sandwich

    canned tuna on crackers, in a salad, on toast

    Cheddar cheese on toast with tomato (grilled)

    you could make your own pasta salads quite easily and just add tuna/egg/cheese/chicken just before serving.

    wraps with grilled veges

    mini pizzas

    savoury muffins (baked at home and defrosted/warmed)

    A gf of mine used to have cereal for lunch when out and about cos it was easier.


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