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    Quote Originally Posted by Melzey View Post
    I'm a breast feeder, BUT, I'm not one who will try to tell you what's right for you..

    My advise would be to do some research and educate yourself about the pros and cons for both. Maybe check out the ABA website and whatever there is for FF ing (if there is one, I'm not sure) but reliable sources, who have some study to back up the information.

    I believe, My breastmilk passes antibodies to my baby that he can't get from a bottle. I do Bf on demand (was about 3 hrly, now at 7 weeks going to 4hrly) but I quite enjoy sitting down and doing it. It's when I spend most of my time on here. It's a time to chill out with my little man.. A good excuse to take a break

    I cant be bothered with having to muck around all the time sterilizing bottles, packing a big bag to take bottles when i go out, trying to keep them warm.. I also don't want to pay for formula. I just don't see how it could have been a better choice for me..

    Bfing can be hard at the start, but once it settles in, for me - it's easy! you get used to getting your b00bs out but you chose where you feed so you dont have to do it anywhere uncomfortable for you. I always have a light cotton wrap and cover us with it if we're in public.

    Good luck making your choice ..
    what Melzey said, but also bear in mind that science supports breast feeding as the better method. Also I am much keener on it because bottles are a pain in the botty. I don't believe that you must breast feed at all costs- that can be pretty upsetting for some mums but I really would give it a go if I was you, it's not super easy to get started but once you get the hang it is way easier than bottle feeding.

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    I tried breastfeeding dd and I did for 5-6wks but I didn't have great support and found it very hard. So if I have another baby I will try to breastfeed definitely. I hope to try harder and longer then with dd but if I do end up bottlefeeding again I think I'll be more ok with it then I was the first time.

    I think you'll know what you want to do when your bub arrives. It's nobodies but your choice. Maybe just give it a go or a few days/weeks and go from there.

    One thing I'm really looking forward to if I breast feed is not having to buy formula, bottles or teats. And not having to keep sterilizing the bottles and water and carting it around with me where ever I go. Breast feeding seems harder to start with but easier long term. Just take your boobs with you and take out as needed lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benji View Post
    I think you should give it a go and if it's not for you, you can easily switch to bottle

    You can't do it the other way around, as in bottle feed and then decide you want to breastfeed.. well, you possibly could but it'd be incredibly difficult.

    There's no harm in giving it a go, you may love it or you may not. I think you'd regret not at least trying it at least it's one 'what if' checked off your list if you do decide to try.
    I agree with this. Its obviously something thats playing on your mind, you may as well give it a few days/week (or whatever is right for you) and see how you go, you might love it! It'd be very sad if you didn't try and wondered about it/regretted it for years afterwards.


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