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    i had the same problem and i just used the sling whenever i needed to to settle them (even in the middle of the night sometimes!) and then whenever they were ok i would try to settle in the cot.

    also when they were in pain for wind etc i would give nappy off time and help move their legs around a bit which seemed to help. Also have you tired looking at your diet if you're still breastfeeding? things like chocolate, tomato, brocolli etc caused heaps and heaps of belly ache with both my ds and dd - so try cutting all that stuff out.

    oh and also go to a chemist and try and find mariners infant mixture. it's all natural and you give it before feeds. at first i was reluctant to try it but it worked brilliantly! but you have to keep giving it regularly for it to really help. after 1 day of changing my diet and giving the mariner mixture i noticed a huge change and the awful grunting noises stopped too.

    hope that helps - but remember it really really really does get better!

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    I battled for 12 long weeks with my daughter and the doctors put it down to wind or colic or their favourite.... reflux.
    At first I was wondering what the hell did I get myself into and I started thinking that I never realised how much babies cry.... at only 5 days old the screams started. My baby NEVER slept during the day because she was screaming with pain all day.... when I say all day I literally mean from the crack of dawn until sunset.... she was always a good night sleeper because she was exhausted...
    At three weeks old she projectile vomited...
    At about 6 weeks I couldn't take it anymore... I was depressed and lonely and i couldnt stand the site of my husband.... and the screaming was really painful. So I began my adventure....
    I went from doctor to doctor a total of 6 different doctors. Not one of them took me seriously saying im a paranoid first mum. They simply said 'babies cry'. Of course the times im in the doctor she wouldn't do it.... except once and that's when I was referred to the paediatrician... from hell.
    She was such an idiot. She told me that it could be lactose intolerant. So we started lactose free milk.... constipation then kicked in and lasted more then two weeks!
    my poor baby was suffering even more now.... so I decided to take it into my own hands. I spoke to a friend who said this happened to their baby and to try neocate- a special formula without cows milk... so I started it and ended up worse again. I told the peadiatrition and she said to get an allergy test so she referred me.... made an appt to only get told there was a 2 month wait! I called my childhood nurse to see why they haven't visited me to help me! Apparently they never got my pipework? Unbelievable.... well she walked in mid scream so someone witnessed my madness!!! She said to go to tresulian. I told her that my baby is sleeping well at night And she said this is my only option?
    So im about to break down .. I call my mum at work and she agrees to come spemd the day with me to help.... when she came I went outside to have a much needed smoke! That's when I heard the neighbours talking about calling docs! Saying im abusing my daughter! Anyway..... me and my mum went to the chemist and bought a new formula, just a different brand... thought what was the harm... nothing else could possibly be worse. Woke up next morning and my now 12 week old baby woke up goo goo and gaga. I've never heard any other sounds othfn then her scream. She was smiling! First smile! And my life literally changed overnight... my advise to u is dont stop! If you feel something is wrong... then it is. This experience made me so angry that not one doctor suggested to simply change brands... I never got my newborn baby experience... it deeply saddens me until now.... when I see a newborn baby I just have to cuddle it as I never got to cuddle mine...
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