I have a 3 and almost a half year old girl, who was a late bloomer on the toilet training band wagon. at the beginning of this year, at 3 years old exactly, she started doing really really well, and attends creche 5 days a week. she was recognising when she needed to wee, and took herself to the toilet when she did. she still wasnt doing poo as well, but she was getting there in recognising that also. she was also doing wee at creche, everything was great!

now, all of a sudden, she is having accidents every day at creche, not going to the toilet at all, and not mentioning it to anyone. (she used to tell me if she wanted to go to the toilet). she is going through all 3 sets of clothes that i send to creche in a day, every single day.

i have done some research and alot of things say that a personal disruption may cause this, but nothing has changed at home at all.

this is incredibly frustrating to me, as i feel like i am failing completely. i praise her alot when she does go at home, but now i have to tell her to go, and normally she says she doesnt need to. or she just talks nonsense.
im not handling this well, i feel that im accidently projecting my anger and frustration about this onto her, which is not at all fair, and as a busy single mum, trying to do it all, im trying to do the best i can. im completely lost. i have spoken to her creche teachers who are as perplexed as me.

i need help and advice, what can i do to fix this problem and help her to go forwards again? every bit of advice is welcomed!