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    Quote Originally Posted by Californication View Post
    Just an update - had our appt, and he's fine. Paed said there is no evidence of Autism based on how he was and the answers I gave. So that was what I expected, but glad I went and got him checked out.

    Thanks again for all the opinions and advice
    Good to hear.

    I had a similar thing with DS. He is/was a very late talker and has had a lot of speech therapy (he was barely talking at 3, his first ST lesson his word for "bubble" was just a "b" sound. At 4 he had improved but still didn't have the verbal skills to tell me who he wanted to invite to his party.) On a GP advice we had him assessed for autism due to his speech delay, lack of eye contact, he doesn't like loud sounds (during Wiggles and Playschool concerts he sits with his hands over his ears) and he doesn't read facial expressions very well). The ST also bought it up and suggested a second opinion which we got. So far we've had 3 paed assessments, all of which have come back as fine, however, 2 have said he is borderline to warrant further investigation but we shall see how his progress goes in the next few months.

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    Default Autism??

    An update on mine too...

    We saw the paediatrician last month. He said my DD has the most severe Aspergers he's ever seen in a girl, but that she is probably the most intelligent he's seen also. He said she "mirrors" the mannerisms of those around her quite expertly. She has very strong sensory aversion of sight, smell, taste and touch, but moderately sensory seeking in movement. We've had to completely strip bare her bedroom with no bright colours, busy patterns or "faces" visible from her bed, and that has made a massive difference to her sleep patterns and her overall stress levels throughout the day!
    There's been heaps of other smaller changes too, all of which have made her life and ours more in-sync. It's been such a huge relief to finally have an explanation for my daughters many quirks and issues. It seems many of our friends and family expected us to have some sort of denial or grief to go thru after her ASD diagnosis, but we feel quite the opposite. We were very gratefull to get a clear answer and a path forward.

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    Default Re: Autism??

    Quote Originally Posted by Ulysses View Post
    get it checked out, it could be anything but in the off chance it is autism early intervention is key.


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