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    Thanks for your input everyone. I guess the hard part is that these three schools are just SO different. There are pros and cons to each but I can't decide which of these factors should be the "decider". Of the two we are most seriously considering I think one would have the better academic opportunities as it is a VERY small school, but I worry about the social limitations, whereas the other is a large school, with reasonable class sizes, but I doubt there would be the same level of attention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misho View Post
    One that I always think of is 'school spirit'.

    I want my kids to go to a happy school, to have fun and feel safe there. I don't want them to feel like school is a chore.

    I loved my school and I'd love to find a school that my kids enjoyed too.

    It happened to be a Catholic school, and we aren't Catholic so it wasn't guaranteed. She got in and I'm so glad - I love DDs school <3

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    In our area we have 3 public primary schools and 1 private. Straight away we ruled out private so we had the 3 publics to choose from. I did some Internet research to see what these schools could offer DD1 (and hopefully the rest of our kids will go there).

    Then one morning I visited all 3 of the schools and had a brief list of questions I wanted to ask the registrars and I also wanted to get a "vibe" from going on the school grounds.

    I did have a favorite prior to going to each school but wanted to do the rounds just to make sure. The school DD now goes to is the furtherest away (6 minutes drive) and the smallest of the 3 but it has so far lived up to my expectations and we all love it.

    A majority of staff have been there forever (10 years or more...her Kindy teacher had been there 20 years!), the school grounds were well kept and with lot of grass, trees and had a natural setting, the school had some great programmes to offer students which included accerated learning and yes, I loved the vibe. One of the schools (closest one) felt horrible and when I went to speak to the registrar she was horrible and did not speak highly of the school. When I asked what specialized programmer the school had she said "well it doesn't really matter since she'll be in Kindy..." - oh dear.

    Some of my friends I'm sure thought I was crazy not choosing the closest one for convenience sake (10 min walk) but i took it as I have a choice and I knew I wanted to make the best decision possible for our family.


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