Do you have periods of low mood, anxiety or stress?

MindAid has developed a psychological self-help tool and we are recruiting volunteer participants to trial our NEW product.

What is the product being tested?
MindAid Coping Keys are a set of 20 cards that contain helpful statements to assist individuals in coping effectively with emotionally difficult situations. Each pack is portable, compact, and packaged in a handy metal box (9cm x 6cm). They can be used by anyone, anytime as a personal support aid or in conjunction with psychological treatment.

The product is developed by psychologists and we are currently doing this trial as a pilot study before a larger clinical trial scheduled later this year.

What will we ask the volunteers to do?
1. We will ask the volunteers to email us ( their first name and email address.
2. We will then send them a link where we ask them to complete some short questionnaires.
3. Upon completion, the volunteers to provide us with name and address so we can send out a sample of the MindAid product.
4. 2 weeks after sending out the MindAid product we will send a new link to complete the second round of the questionnaires (same as in step 2).
5. The participants will also be encouraged to provide feedback.

All participants can keep the product free of charge.

MindAid will DELETE all emails, names and addresses upon completion of the second set of questionnaires or after 8 weeks from initial questionnaires. They can get a copy of the results upon request when all data is collected and analysed.

If you want to participate, then copy the text below and send it to

my name is (insert your name) and I saw your ad seeking people to trial a new product. I would like to test the product and give you some feedback. Please send me the first survey link.

(Insert your name)

Please contact me if you have any questions.