I'd like to add to the post since I was also a HPS parent until recently. I had seen many left the school in the past couple of years (since the last post in 2015). There are some good teachers at the school; do bear in mind though that a good teacher for one chid is not necessarily suited to another child. My child did really well in Yr2 with the then Deputy who wasn't popular at all with many parents. Sadly, she has since retired. It has been an independent school for a couple of years now so the Principal has more control but she is an ineffective leader who talks a good talk. The quality of teaching and direction of each class teacher (even within the same year group) vary vastly. Consequently, there are parents who "actively position" themselves and their children to navigate this journey to avoid the deadwood teachers. If you are predisposed to do that or extremely fortunate then you may be fine but if you don't believe in lobbying for your child at the cost of someone else' child losing out then this school culture can feel a little unfair. The school ground is beautiful, it may do very well as a very small, single ****** school as the leadership can't seem to get their teachers in each year group to teacher to a common program or standard...as for the time being the exodus continues to neighbouring school such as Nedlands, Dalkeith, Freshwater Bay, and Subiaco which does not seem to have problems running a common program for 3-4 classes in each year group.