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    Ps, it is never too late to send a thank you card, even if she doesnt remember you she will love the recognition.

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    i think that a midwife should be caring an understanding that everyone is different an never judge others by looks or race or gender
    i have to say that i have had terrible midwives who hardly little to no compassion i left the hospital the first time swearing never to go back 7 years later i do for number 2 an not much diffrent except i was more prepared to get what i wont an fight for it than after the birth i was left alone sent on my way number three fingers crossed i may get a nice one

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    I had a horrible midwife with ds, thankfully got a great midwife take over and deliver.

    She was horrible because she didn't listen to me at all - I let her do an exam then told her enough, asked her to stop multiple times and she didn't so I kicked her hard in the shoulder and said "GET THE F**K OUT!!" lol.
    Later she told me to push and I was saying I don't feel the urge, she kept pestering me and telling me I had to as i looked ready - despite my protests, in the end I listened and pushed. After 2 hours of pushing, turns out I was only 6cm and had then done damage to my cervix and of course lost my headspace. I also at one point screamed at dh "get the midwife".... But wouldnt let go of his hand. 5 minutes later the midwife wanders in and says "oh I heard you call before, I was just eating my crackers in the hall."

    She also kept trying to make it all about her, was whinging to me that she was tired & her back hurt. Hello, 24 hour natural posterior labour here - SHUT UP WOMAN!!! Oh, and she turned the gas up 100% (by accident I assume / hope) so I was drifting in & out of consciousness when another midwife asked if I was okay ! ! This idiot replied "shes just sensitive to the gas..."

    The fantastic midwife I then got was the opposite of her. She was gentle, kind, hands off, listened to me, encouraged me and trusted my body - hence allowing me to trust my body again too.

    Ds had shoulder dystocia and wasn't breathing when he was born. I was expecting skin to skin immediately but obviously he was whisked away onto oxygen. I got to see him first when he was wrapped and then they wanted to take him straight down to nursery. This particular midwife unwrapped him, placed him on my chest and allowed us to have a quick feed & snuggle before they took him.

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    My personal midwife experience was hit & miss, I had two:

    I got to the hospital at 5cms dilated, and not really knowing this was the real deal. The first mid wife, after mintoring and doing an internal was SO encouraging once she found out i was 5cms.. before that she made me feel like I was lying and just doing things to please a typical first time mum. She did though turn out ot be a HUGE help, she made me feel comfident in what I was doing, praised my ability, was also veyr reassuring to my partner who like me had never been thru this before! She was lovely.

    After 2 hours of her I unfortunately had a shift change. This midwife didnt introduce herself and told me nothing, I asked for pain relief.. I know now I was in tranisition and was about 7-8cms, if I had been told that and encouraged to keep going I may (or may not!) have been able to have kept going, and she was never ever in the room. She yelled at me when I had the gas in my mouth when pushing...cause I'm supposed to know not to??? All I an say was thank god my Mum was there! She also measured and weighed him wrong!!

    I was my bestfriends birthing partner on Friday and she had the most amazing midwife! She was honest (had never been thru labour before and was open about it), caring, stayed with us the whole time. Not getting in the way but stepping in when she felt maybe the labour partners needed some help. Afterwards she was attentive to both Mum and baby, she actually asked my friend what she wanted (ie, do you want a shower, or to stay here, would you lke me to weigh baby now etc). Honestly my bestfriends midwife expereince was a thousand times different to mine. And went down and said bye to baby and mum at the end of her shift when my friend was in the ward! My midwife walked past me on my way out and didnt even recognise me!


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