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    Quote Originally Posted by Psylent View Post
    My daughter (5) has just had her first lesson with school today. She's been in water plenty before, we live near the coast, just never actual lessons. She likes the water, and was excited to start... until she got there today and they tried to get her to do the head in the water thing. She cries at bathtime if water gets on her face, in her ears, nose, etc. and always has, no matter how many times it happens. She now says she doesn't want to go back tomorrow, or get in a pool "ever again". Any tips on how we can help her? Sorry to hijack the thread a little, but I'm worried about her.
    I feel differently to PP about having a firm teacher. It depends on the personality of your DD though as I guess different children need different teachers/approaches. A tough approach would have made things worse with both DD1 and DD2.

    I actually had a chat to the swim school about the face under the water thing for DD2. She had a teacher once that would have them on their hip and go under with them and DD2 was petrified of it. We ended up speaking to the teacher and getting her to take the soft approach with her. The teacher did try but if she didn't want to then she didn't force it. She would start with "can you put your chin on the water?" and if she did yay good job. Or your mouth in the water and blow bubbles etc. That worked much better for DD2. She was still a bit scared but she stopped crying about it.

    I tried a couple of teachers during the school holidays when DD1 first started to see if those teachers worked better with her. Sometimes it can be a personality thing too.

    With DD2 when she was scared of jumping in (She used to scream she didn't want to die) it was hard. Her teacher had a talk to her and came to a deal with her. She used to hold her hands and just get her to do one at first and promise her she wouldn't let her face go under which helped for a while.

    Once her actual swimming got better the swim school suggested a change of teachers just to get her away from the teacher that kind of brought up her memories of when she first started. That worked well along with a chat with one of the other swimming teachers that is usually in the office. DD2 actually told me one morning she didn't want to do lessons anymore and I told her to go tell them so she went and lined up! The lady took her into the office and had a chat with her. Apart from explaining to her the importance of learning to swim she told her she wouldn't be happy with letting her swim on her own when we come to the pool. She's the one who suggested a change in teachers and we actually tried one that day and it worked well.

    Now that DD2 is swimming better she needs a firmer teacher but it's different for her now that she swims the 25m. Sometimes DD2 will stop and have a bit of a panic and her teacher will say what are you doing, keep going. Her teacher said she can see even now that she is a bit nervous swimming even though she can do it.

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    My DD started swimming lessons at 4 months. She is now 19 months and is still going. She has never known anything different so she has no fear of the water, which is great that she loves it so much and not so great that she makes a beeline straight for it whenever we are at the beach/pools!

    She obviously can't swim on her own, but goes underwater, jumps into and climbs out of the pool unaided, blows bubbles and kicks and paddles her arms. By the time she is 2 I'm hoping she will be at the point that if she falls into or is pushed into the water she will know enough to kick to the surface, find something to hold onto or somewhere to climb out - she's about 2/3 of the way to that.

    Our lessons will be ongoing, I don't think a time limit should be put on swimming lessons, when she can swim 100m comfortably in a pool DH and I plan to enroll her in something like nippers so she learns to swim in the ocean too. We live near the beach and my husband surfs so I need to know that she will be safe as she gets old enough to venture out on her own.


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