Hi All,

I'm new to BH. I've been reading for awhile now and I've finally decided to join in as I need to chat to other ladies in the same boat!!
I've got endo, low AMH and high FSH so no eggs left in the freezer (one little frostie didn't make it) so they implanted my last one last Thursday.
I'm currently in the hideous 2WW and have just got my 'tell tale' headache yesterday the ever faithfull always shows up prior to AF....and amongst other PMS symptoms I'm starting to lose hope
also I'm on my first ever FET and was wondering if anyone had been on Pregnyl shots, every third day and nothing else? It's given me the worst cramps, just like AF but no blood? from as early as 3dpt - weird!
Anyway, just thought if there was anyone else out there in the same boat and those who could give me some positive stories would be great. I would love to hear from you