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    Quote Originally Posted by stretch View Post
    Do you think I should try knickers overnight or put her in a nappy? She doesn't wake up dry. Will that just confuse her?

    I'm starting to get really frustrated with it, - cleaning up accidents isnt really something that excites me greatly... and I know she can tell but I can't just throw the towel in after 1day can I?

    sorry I should have explained better -
    we ditched the nappies during the day after she was only having 1-2 accidents. This was after a couple of weeks of doing it only in the mornign/afternoon. its exhausting and I made hubby take some time off so that we shared the TT experience vs me doing it all by myself.

    we started at 14mths when we put her on the potty for a poo (whenever we were home) and it took a week or so to get her to poo only in the potty. we've not had a poop accident since then.

    then when she was 18mths (she started daycare in the middle and regressed with sleep/eating everything) we went back to poopin in the potty and a cloth nappy on otherwise so she felt the wet. after a week we did the 9-11 and 3-5 time thingy.

    after another couple of weeks she worked it out and we ditched the nappies and for 10days straight we were at home, daycare or close to home/toilet so that she could practice. This is when I made hubby take a couple of days off.

    That was in mid march. Now mid april - we havent had an accident in a few weeks and she is starting to be dry overnight as well. we had our first accident (wet cloth nappy) last night after a week of dry ones.

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    Oh I thought of something else we did with DD2, the first few days I only did knickers/potty for a few hours, cos she got tired of it. I did that each day and then after a couple of days she didn't want a nappy at all.

    Night nappies - we ditched them over the last christmas break for both girls. We tried limiting drinks in the evening but that didn't work for us. We lifted each child at 10pm and sat them on the potty so they had an empty bladder. For a while we had to lift DD1 at 1am cos she never weed at 10pm, and if we let her go through the night we got a wet bed.

    We still put both of them on the potty at 10pm and most times they both do a wee but we rarely get a wet bed these days

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    Quote Originally Posted by pigeonpairplusone View Post
    I would def continue I've just trained my 2 year 1 month old & it took 3 weeks of reminding/accidents before she got it...she still occasionally has an accident if busy playing & I dont remind her. In the beginning I left her with nothing on bottom half which was a lot easier as I found she was treating undies just like a nappy.
    I found this too. My DS is 2 years 2 months and we have been TT for 2 weeks. I took his bottoms off at home and let him run around like that for 3 days and I tried to catch his wee in the potty so he could see it going in. After 3 days we started using the reward system. DS has his 'work bag' (like daddy's!), every time he wee'd we had a routine - tip wee into toilet, wash hands, then he could get something out the work bag. It is working! He goes nappy free most of the time now.

    Don't give up! The end result is worth it!

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    Thanks for the words of encouragement and advice Ladies!

    It seems like the ball *could* have dropped for DD this evening. After a shocking day with her (9 accidents, only 1 pee in the toilet) and DH being useless when he got home and being no help what so ever. We had a fight, I lost my **** at DD (and him) after she had yet another accident. (because of HIS uselessness - a bad mummy moment i realise.... But he wasn't helping, I was trying to cook dinner) Put her in a nappy, she had a massive meltdown (as did I) she screamed no nappy no nappy i want knickers. I then told her she can have dinner then a bath. I put a potty in the bathroom (knowing running water might help) and she went on the potty and has then gone twice since then. I was planning to put her in a nappy for bed (to save stripping beds at midnight, and after confirmation from you all that it won't confuse her) but with the reaction I got earlier, I went and bought some 'special bedtime knickers' (training pants) and she's now asleep..... In her bed..... with her 'knickers' on. Records all round!! Lol

    She is a big fluid drinker so am not comfortable with limiting her fluids, nor waking her to go to the toilet (getting her to sleep some nights is bad enough - let alone waking her and having that over again!!) so I don't think that will work for us. But what works for some may not work for others - all trial and error...

    I'm sure tomorrow will be accidents, but having words of encouragement from someone who has been there is always helpful!

    Tomorrow is a new day right!


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