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    Default enlarged bladder found at 12 week scan

    I got my results from my 12 eek scan, and while my downs and other trisomy results were fine, baby has an enlarged bladder. I noticed a great big black hole in the scan, but didnt think anything of it, but its pretty huge im being reffered to a specialist in Perth next week for further testing. searching hasnt come up with much information that is easy to understand, or very positive - damn Dr Google...
    anyone have any stories or positive outcomes from this?

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    Hi CJWA,
    I dont have a personal story for you but can provide a little background info as i work with ultrasound and have seen this a number of times.
    Enlarged bladder in the fetus (megacystis is the medical term and might give you more results on google) can be caused by a number of things and has varying levels of severity. (Did you see a measurement of the bladder size?) It can be something really simple where the exit to the bladder is blocked or it can be linked to more significant problems. Sometimes it will rectify itself or other times intervention is needed either in-utero or after birth.
    Hope your appointment with the specialist goes well.
    Fingers crossed all turns out well for you and your little one. xx


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