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    Default Worried about 20 wk ultrasound results

    I had my 20 week ultrasound done on Monday and yesterday I got a phone call from the hospital that the ultrasound tech said there is a possible lip cleft and I have to get a 3D scan to make sure.
    They said everything else looked normal, palate looked normal.
    But now Im a little worried as Ive read some things that said cleft lip can be a symptom of Downs. Im even more worried as I never had the nuchal scan for testing for Downs. At around 10 weeks I had blood tests to make sure I had enough vitamins and at 12 weeks the doctor only did a quick ultrasound just to have a look and make sure it was just one baby.

    Even though I didn't have the specific Downs scan, would the 20wk scan pick up any signs that the Downs scan would of?

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    hi dncnllama
    Sorry to hear about the possible cleft lip. Try not to stress (i know.. easy to say but harder to DO!) until you have the 3D scan. The lips are very difficult to visualise clearly at a 20week ultrasound so nothing will be definite until you have the 3D.. the hospital should also provide you someone to talk to about the results who will explain the likelihood of associated problems and the implications/treatment for a cleft lip.

    Most babies with cleft lip DO NOT have down syndrome or any other abnormalities. In most cases it is an isolated anomaly. At your 20week scan as soon as they saw the possible cleft they would have looked at everything else much more closely to see if there were any of the other signs of a complex syndrome. (eg heart problems, club feet, absent nasal bone, single umbilical artery, diaphragm hernia) All of these things they would look for at 12weeks too but are easier to see at 20weeks anyway.

    I wouldnt worry that you didnt have the formal 12 week nuchal scan.
    It is only 90% accurate in detecting downs and the only way to tell for sure is an amniocentesis which should still be possible to do at 20weeks if need be. The only thing you missed out on at 12weeks is the measurement of the nuchal thickness which helps to predict the likelihood of downs but does not confirm it. Everything else in the 12week scan is done at 20weeks as well. So in answer to your question: YES : the 20week scan can pick up a lot of the same things and more than the 12week scan.

    Good luck for your 3D scan.. hope it all turns out better than they thought.
    xx HUGS xx

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    I work in a paediatric hospital and have seen plenty of kids with a scar from cleft lip corrective surgery who have no other developmental disorders.

    I also know that it probably isn't worth telling you not to worry until you know because our pregnant brains do brilliant things with paranoia don't they?

    Good luck, I hope it turns out well for you!


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