Hi ladies. I'm new here so a little about myself first. I have had 4 pregnancies (2 x mc and 2 x live). I have two beautiful little girls and am currently convinced I may be pregnant again but am getting negative tests.

My last period started 2nd March. I had spotting for two days a week after I should have ovulated (and was with someone around ovulation also). I had a bit of gastro from 19th March, then hemmrhoids, then became constipated, then went into urinary retention on 3rd April where I ended up hospitalised and had a catheter put in (which stayed in for over a week).

I had about 3 days of very light brown spotting on 11th April (which was quite light nowhere near a period flow and was brown even when I wiped).

I had done a few HPT which were negative and a couple of blood tests also negative (the last one being on 14th April).

Still no sign of (a proper) AF and now I'm feeling fuller in the stomach - I can't sleep on my stomach anymore - I am emotional like you wouldn't believe - crying about everything I watch on TV - My boobs aren't that tender but seem bigger (either that or ALL of my bra's are shrinking!)

I feel as though I am going insane. Even with stress I may only be a week late but I am due for my next period tomorrow or Saturday.

Any ideas? I want to keep testing but can't afford to buy any. I am due to see my Dr on tuesday for a Pap and check for prolapsed uterus (they're still trying to figure out why I went into urinary retention).

This would be my 5th pregnancy if I am in fact pregnant so one would think I would know what's going on by now - but even with my last pregnancy my symptoms weren't as noticeable as the last.

Ok rant over.... any advice?