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    Default Phil and Teds Sport V2


    Just wanting opinions on the Phil & Teds Sport V2? I currently have a 2 1/2 year old and am hoping to have another baby in the next 12 months so would like the option of a 2nd seat. I need to have pump up tyres and suspension because I live in the country and often am on rough surfaces. Just wondering what others have thought of it??


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    We bought one when DS arrived, We have a 13 mth age gap. The best thing about this stroller is that it is inline so fits everywhere, however thats where it stops! We found that it tipped easily when both kids were in it (DD was 14.5 kgs and DS is now 11.5 kgs) it is bulky in the car but i guess all doubles will be, the material was crap and easily tore the tyre kept slipping off the rim... We vowed not to buy another one!

    However P&t did bring out a new explorer which dealt with the tipping issue, we bought one as new off gumtree but now i see why the other people sold it.. The rear seat is so straight up, definitly not suitable for a baby who cannot sit up and support themselves. DS has no room in the back and because of the angle of the rear seat its really awkward to take him in and out. The material is improved and the brake is easy unlike its predecessors. It is fine as a single but not as a double.

    6 mths from DS being born and two p&t prams later we are now looking at buying a baby jogger gt side by side i know it is only suitable for when we are havng the two of them in a pram but DD is only 20 mths so will be pramming it for a while and we can still use the p&t explorer as a single when we need it!

    Thats my 2 cents! Good luck!


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