Hey ladies! I'm new here!! Not sure if this is in the right spot.. hope so!

Fh & I have been ttc for 12 months now. I have PCOS & Endometriosis & High Insulin (currently on Metformin). I did fall pregnant back in November but miscarried in the December at 5 weeks 2 days. We want to move to the next step (assisted fertility) and as the public hospitals won't help us, we've gone through privately- Repromed Adelaide.

My questions though.. we don't have private health insurance, this doesn't matter does it? The lady said it will cost us $191 outright for our first appointment, but we will get back $101 leaving us $90 out of pocket. Does it matter that we don't have private health insurance?

Although, on their website it says CLOMID is $400!!! Was NOT expecting that!! I have friends who went through the public system and it cost them $40 for the tablets.. Why is Clomid so expensive there? Is that for one month, or a few?? I'm slightly confused.. I do understand it's a private specialist centre, but if you go through public they give you a script from the chemist for $40.. surely going private wouldn't cost THAT much more for Clomid?!.. If it does.. I can see us only doing a couple of cycles as we only have a couple of grand saved .. and that was for IVF should we need it.. so i'm kinda.. a bit.. saddened now..