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    Quote Originally Posted by Naboo View Post
    And the incest.. don't forget the incest

    In fact Joffrey is the poster child for in-breeding!
    Hahaha! Too true.

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    love this show! I'm always itching for the next ep.

    Disagree with a PP, I watched all of season 1 without having read the books and still loved it, yes it was very hard to keep track of people and places and story threads but that was part of what I loved, each week was a puzzle to understand and follow. With all the characters it was fun and enjoyable, not like a lot of boring shows on currently that spoon feed their audiences with plot lines.

    I have read the first book since waiting for season 2 and love it as well, it did help understand the history and customs of their world. however I didn't want to read more and discover what is going to happen, I still love watching the season now and guess on what could happen next.

    Tyrion is awesome!! and of cause John Snow *melt* now that Drogo isn't around with all his bare chest available for perving *drool*

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    sorry coming a bit late to this thread! TBH i'm not enjoying season 2 as much as i thought i would. i think it's just because i keep comparing everything to the book. theon's sister is so different to how i thought she would be, and there were some scenes i was really looking forward to that had some great dialogue in the book (e.g. renly and stannis bickering like kids over who was going to win the war) but for some reason they made them really boring for the tv show.

    i do still love the show though! i like ygritte, i like her looks and attitude! she is how i imagined her. and yes tyrion rocks!

    i do have to agree partly with the PP who said the s.x scenes were a bit OTT. i know there is lots of it in the books and some of it is necessary for the plot, character development, atmosphere etc, but i also feel sometimes like they are just trying to keep up with true blood! did they really need to show all those s.x scenes in littlefinger's brothel? what was the point? and did we really need to see theon banging the captain's daughter in that much detail?!
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