Im in nsw,
I worked in 3-6 y/o pre-school and was responsible for their school rediness checks (age 5 roughly)

A large portion had to meet these or questions we're raised.

- can recognise own name correctly (eg - Naomi not NAOMI or naomi)

- can write own name correctly

- can follow instructions

- understanding concepts (biggest, smallest, in, over, under etc etc)

- refers to self in first person (eg - I want a drink, alot of children say ME instead of I)

- is able to repeat stories / events and anticipates things

- knows how to read a book (front to back, top to bottom, left to right)

- is able to draw basic people / animals and name them (mum, dad, buddy the dog etc)

- can count from 1-20, can recite alphabet and recognise letters a-z.

We also had basic requirements that were obvious must dos such as toilet use / wiping, hand washing, manipulate drink and food containers, dress and undress self (pants for toilet usage)

The hardest one was the book one, children who dont yet recognise that you 'read' a book by the words on the page dont get front to back, top to bottom, left to right. To them the letters hold no meaning
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