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    Default Invisible preg

    Well 6 an a half weeks ago my impalanon was removed. Since then have had unprotected sex with the mr since. Bout 3 weeks after it got taken out I got what I thought then was my period. It was weird more bright an only lasted 3 days. Had more unprotected sex an then I had some weird brown discharge. Today iv been close to vomiting an the past 2 days had sore boobs. I took a test today and thought I saw a line which was so faint I thought I was seeing things. It event went away. Iv also been today having sharp stabbing pains in my low low right side were I think my overies are. I so want to be preg and I'm wanting answeres it's hard for me to get to a doc so yea

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    Hey I'm in the same boat but with the depo 3 month shot! But I've had the rod twice now and both times my period was all over the place for about 4-6months i would either skip a month or spot for a couple of days or bleed worse than after having my first bub (which is saying something! ) I do remember that it did play with my hormones too, which made for sore boobs and pimples (both early preg symptoms for me) both times I was totally freaked out but I stressed for nothing. Except this time I've come off the shot TTC and apparently there is a frequency of babies conceived post-shot that wont even show up on a blood test for months after conception! Good luck though, maybe we'll both get lucky!


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